Subwoofers: Sunfire Dynamic Series

Since the mid-nineties, when a talented inventor Bob Carver founded SUNFIRE and made a technological breakthrough in the development of effective and at the same time compact powered subwoofers, the products of this American company famous for high quality, for which you had to pay the appropriate price.
 Sunfire SDS12 Black Ash 12-inch 300-watt Powered Subwoofer

Sunfire SDS12 Black Ash 12-inch 300-watt

 Indeed, for a “big ” bass from a modest -sized device SUNFIRE engineers had to solve a lot of technical problems that require the use of powerful (1 kW and above) amp A / B class with unique power supplies TDC (Tracking Downconverter), a completely new and, of course , not cheap speakers , featuring an exclusive design: oversized magnet, weighing an order of magnitude larger than the standard, special multiturn coil (technology High Back-EMF), new suspensions and membranes, giving the course a giant diffuser to 6 cm, which is 5 times higher than normal values​​.

Not surprisingly, the model of the older lines True Subwoofer, SubRosa and High Resolution although very good, but they can not be considered available to a wide range of music fans and owners of home theater systems. In the company’s management is well aware, thinking, like, without sacrificing the principles of high quality SUNFIRE, invade the market “budget” bass speakers. It turned out that the implementation of plans of work time itself – the progress in the development of digital amplifiers D- Class compact, fuel-efficient, low heat and high output power, perfectly fit into the concept SUNFIRE.

Series Sunfire Dynamic Series, abbreviated SDS – the first experience of using the new-fangled pulse amplifier circuits, which allow to save a lot and make the final product more democratic in price. But one little amp replacement, otherwise all manufacturers of subwoofers from entry level to elite units use different schemes to D- class, which is actually today we do not see. To obtain a wide operating range , smooth frequency response at different levels of sound pressure, speed and detail of modern digital bass amplifiers must also be controlled. Therefore, the technology is applied SDS devices spectral analysis and adjusting the output signal FFD (Frequency Filtration Design). In principle, in analog form, this method has already been successfully tested in the SubRosa subwoofers and High Resolution, had only to adapt it to the new digital realities, and that was done.

The result of the engineers SUNFIRE were three new active subwoofer SDS- 8, SDS- 10 and SDS- 12 manned by 203 speakers size, Subwoofers Sunfire Dynamic Series254 and 305 mm, respectively. Cone woofers are equipped with brand with a long course, woven composite fiber reinforced outer layer of polymer. By tradition, all subwoofers are compact and are made in the acoustic design : active speaker looks forward passive – down . Three devices have power amplifiers 200, 250 an Sunfire Super Juniord 300 W, respectively, with a peak output of 400, 500 and 600 watts. Operating ranges subwoofers range from the lower limit of the impressive “older” models SDS- 12 at 28 Hz ( 30/32 Hz in SDS- 10/8 ) to 150 Hz. On the rear panel of each unit contains all the most necessary settings: adjust the volume and cutoff frequency ( 30-150 Hz), disable built-in crossover, the activation of automatic on / off system, is particularly noteworthy smooth adjustment phase ( 0-180 deg . ), It “Sabah” entry level can meet infrequently. For switching of SDS subwoofers offer stereo inputs and outputs are line-level connectors with gold-plated RCA. The final touch of design models SDS – cute decoration black ash with black cloth grill on the front.

We can not ignore another SDS Series subwoofers feature that makes them even more attractive to the user – the ability to connect wirelessly. It’s no secret that a correct setting woofers it is often necessary to move from corner to corner, from one wall to the other and its optimal position in home theater systems may be located relatively far away from the receiver, in this case, drawing and masking bass cable can be tricky business. With the proposed SUNFIRE optional set of transmitter and receiver problems are solved quickly and easily. The wireless connection is made via a digital channel with a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz , has a low latency 17 ms, 16-bit, 48 kHz sampling and steady in the distance of 7.25 meters. In addition, the signal from one transmitter can be supplied immediately to the two receiver, which simplifies the creation of stereo or home theater with multiple woofers.

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