Overview headphones: Sennheiser Momentum Headphone – Brown

The German company Sennheiser headphones on the market has a status similar to that in its best years, had a firm Nokia in the mobile phone market. Market share, sales levels, and other economic indicators we do not have in mind (though with them at “senhov” all right, “and we have, rather, the image of” an iconic brand and attitude towards the majority of users – as well as sellers, the jury of various audio shows, and even specialized publications. From all these sources is very often the case heard that Sennheiser – headphones-brand number one in the world. Contrary to such statements, which is expected, there is a lot of Kontener, but, despite this, the authority of Sennheiser yet remains unmoved.

 Sennheiser Momentum Headphone - Brown

Sennheiser Momentum Headphone – Brown


  • Closed back, over-ear design isolates ambient noise to maximize musical enjoyment.
  • Premium leather ear pads and headband deliver softness and breathability for extreme comfort during long listening sessions
  • Precision metal ear cups and slider provide durability and enhance sonic performance
  • 18-ohm operating impedance produces outstanding dynamics and overall output level with portable audio devices
  • Luxurious hard carry case, standard and “i” device cables, and 1/4″ stereo adapter included. Two-year warranty. » See more details …

We, for our part, we can not fully agree with what Sennheiser – it’s number one brand , but at the same time we can not deny the fact that ” promoted” and the authority of headphones on the market , ” Senhi ” – ahead of the rest . And if the model number of a Sennheiser headset for technology to Apple, do not include it in our review we could not . So, bring you our first participant – Sennheiser Momentum.


Headset from Sennheiser – petite and richly decorated . Only the headphone cups are made of plastic. The function of the headband and the holders cups Sennheiser Momentum performs a single -metal bow , decorated with straps of leather (maybe it’s a very high-quality imitation leather) .

Cups Sennheiser Momentum shifted up and down the arc of this – so is ” fit ” to the size headphone user’s head. If you move the two cups to the very top , the design of Sennheiser Momentum will compact and easy to carry in a small bag look. However, the shape , in contrast to the other two members of the review ” Senhi ” can not , and place in the bag they need a little more.

Ease of use

In mettalicheski – Leather construction Sennheiser Momentum – just 190 grams of weight. Headphones are so light that they are tired of their presence on the head can probably only if you wear them for ten hours without taking off . In addition to the light weight , comfort Sennheiser Momentum helps small pressing force of cups – which, however , is sufficient to ensure that the headphones are not flew at sharp movements .

However, a small contact pressure plates, there is still its negative side – it’s insulation . Despite the fact that Sennheiser Momentum sufficiently dense ear cushions , the level of isolation that these headphones provide is not as great as we would like. The cut-off noise of the street and ground transportation ” Senhi ” handle bad, but to comfortably listen to music on the subway, you have to ” pull up ” the volume on your player.

The remote and mic

Remote Control Sennheiser Momentum has three buttons : one is used to accept / reject calls and start / pause muzyky or video, and the other two – to adjust the volume. Ergonomic remote happy – all the buttons are found easily in the blind , their progress is big enough and well noticeable tactile .

As for the microphone – here, alas, there is something to complain about . It is quite a high quality recording it, but it has too broad, in our view, focus, therefore, along with the voice of the user, it is actively enter the ambient sounds, which can be a nuisance when using the microphone in a noisy environment.


The usual thing when a portable headphones ” elevated ” to a greater or lesser degree, the bass. That’s the sound of his Sennheiser Momentum slightly above normal. However, we admit, we expected that the bass in ” senhah ” will be more – simply because it is more than a lion’s share of these headsets. However, more bass , not better. It’s a matter of taste: some people like the sound of ” pobasovitee ” and someone ” fifty-fifty .”

The sound of Sennheiser Momentum just drawn to the ” smoothness “, ” honesty “, ” neutrality”. A slight rise of bass in these headphones, we believe, has been provided by developers as a means of struggle against the external noise, which covers the most active area of ​​just bass.

Otherwise, the tonal balance of the Sennheiser Momentum – virtually flat. Mids are generally deprived of any significant problems at the hearing, so the majority of votes and live instruments sound in ” Senhah ” very natural.

At high frequencies with a peak frequency response of headphones – small and uncritical, but perceptible to the ear: because of him hissing and whistling consonants sometimes played headphones rather tartly.

Headphone its form factor and price range from Sennheiser Momentum is very fast and accurately crafted bass . His speed characteristics distinct enough to play ” heavy music “, but rather, one of the essential components of it: lots of fast bass drum. Just before the most rapid of these headphones ” fold ” – a little ” grease ” the individual strokes.

In the mid and high frequencies Sennheiser Momentum also provide a good resolution – comparable to that of a full-size headphones similar price range. In the high-frequency region can be heard many quiet, minor parts of phonograms, which are the music -that have no relationship (but delight audiophiles with their presence .)

The area boasts a midrange good intelligibility and rich enough nuanced timbres.

 Sennheiser Momentum Headphone - Brown

Now order this Sennheiser Momentum Headphone and start listening with Best Electric Phone. Do not forget read Who should buy Sennheiser Momentum Headphone – Brown.

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