Overview headphones: PSB M4U 1 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones

The company PSB came into the world from the world of headphones serious home speaker systems – and not so long ago, just about a year ago. In his “own world”, the company is often honored (and still is booked) all kinds of praise from users and reviewers – often praised for its excellent value for money products. Jumping ahead a little, we can say that the same praise worthy and headphones from PSB. As can be seen from the table in his introduction, the headset PSB M4U-1 (stands for Music For You-1) about a third of its affordable “opponents.”

 PSB M4U 1 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

PSB M4U 1 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones (Black)


  • Room Feel(TM) acoustic technology
  • Two tangle-free cords and convenient remote and stereo monitor controls with mic for iPhone and BlackBerry
  • Unique dual input connection (left or right)
  • Comfort Fit Gyro-suspended, self-adjusting replaceable ear pads
  • Easy folding for travel and storage » See more details …

By the way, for the same, or even slightly less money than asking for Sennheiser Momentum and V-Moda Crossfade M100, you can purchase a “big brother” of our ” experimental ” headset – PSB M4U- 2. From his youngest “neighbor” M4U- 2 differs by the presence of active noise reduction, built-in digital amplifier and effects processor (DSP). In this case, it is possible to keep the music signal to bypass all this – then the user will sound identical M4U- 1.

The range of headphones from PSB, so far, limited to the above two models. However, sobstvennolichno acquainted with one of them, we can say that the company began its dignity “intrusion” on the market, and if it will continue in the same vein, you will certainly succeed.


Unlike the Sennheiser Momentum and V-Moda Crossfade M100, in which design is dominated by leather and metal for PSB M4U- 1 main body material is plastic. Metal is also present, but it is relatively small – it made ​​of a couple of metal plates on the inside of the headband elements cups , ” protruding ” to the outside through the rear side of the holder ( oblong shape with logo PSB), and sliding arcs connecting the holders with the headband .

Plastic design PSB M4U- 1 predominantly glossy . In use, the headphones he quickly covered with fingerprints – that such traditional plastic .

With the wire at the PSB M4U- 1 – the same “trick” that V-Moda Crossfade M100: it can be connected even to the right , even to the left cup .

The design of headphones PSB – folding . Just like V-Moda, the holders of cups podgibayutsya inward, to the headband , but the cups while remaining parallel to the holders . The result is a rather compact , but still markedly superior in size folded Crossfade M100 bagatelle .

Ease of use

PSB M4U- 1 – the largest headphones in the test. In size they are somewhere on the border between the patch and the full-sized models , and if it were not for the small size and diameter of the cup lip , we ‘d rather be carried them to the full-size category .

Large size PSB M4U- 1 does not involve any ergonomic inconvenience , but due to their headphones, when used outside of the home may be in conflict with the image of the owner – although the design of their fairly neutral , and to the ” crying ” style kakih-nibud Skullcandy them away.

Apart from the size , PSB M4U- 1 stand still and your weight : as much as 340 grams! However, this weight can be quite acceptable for a portable headphone – if the ergonomics of add quite well thought out. At PSB M4U- 1 over the entire visible , ergonomics just like this – at least when putting on these headphones , there is no thought , ” oh , what they are heavy ! “. Moreover, even after two or three hours of wearing a special fatigue of their weight is not felt.

The pressing force of cups at PSB M4U- 1 is large enough – but does not exceed a reasonable amount . By the level of noise isolation headphones only a little smaller than V-Moda Crossfade M100. In other words, they can comfortably listen to music even in very noisy environments.

The remote and mic

Remote control at the PSB M4U- 1 is as simple as the headphones from V-Moda: button here for only one . With the ergonomic problems at the board there . Built-in high quality microphone “writes” and it does not “catch ” lishnihzvukov .


In many ways, the sound of PSB M4U- 1 resembles that of the Sennheiser Momentum: here is the same flat ” mean” with natural tones , the high frequencies are served in a similar way – only lack the peak of booster hissing and whistling consonants , in general, a comparable level of resolution . But something in the sound of M4U- 1 significantly distinguishes these headphones from ” Senhov “. As you might guess, this is – bass .

If it quantitatively Sennheiser Momentum little while he is quick and the items in the PSB M4U- 1, its much greater in number , but its performance characteristics and detail – much more modest . The latter two parameters bass PSB M4U- 1 is comparable with the bass V-Moda Crossfade M100 – that is, its level of quality in general is good, but when you play soundtracks with high-speed ” bursts ” of low-frequency beats headphones still ” stumble “: reproduce strikes more ” blurred “, not clear enough. Quantitatively, the same bass in PSB is not so much as a V-Moda – subjectively – less somewhere in the third.

Overall, the sound of PSB M4U- 1 – positive and sufficiently detailed, with a small ” peppercorn ” in the form of forced bass. ” Peppercorn “, this greatly affects the perception of sound: First, it adds to it a little volume, and second – making it more powerful, weighty, assertive, dynamic.

 PSB M4U 1 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

 PSB M4U 1 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

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