Mirrorless camera: Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens gives the rate of 10 frames per second

The second-generation NEX with a powerful functional improvement of the original series NEX-3 and NEX-5 unexpectedly brought significant structural change of the entire line of compact systems Sony. New items with index N and C were – funny to say! – Amateur, and in addition to them released “advanced” superCompact NEX-7.

 Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens

 Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens

Resolution – 24.3 megapixels, Zoom – 18-55 mm Display – 3 “, F3 ,5-5, 6


  • Pocket camera with professional-grade performance
  • 24.3 MP for superb detail and amazing enlargements
  • World’s first OLED electronic viewfinder; 2359K dots
  • Up to 10 fps shooting to capture the decisive moment
  • APS-C CMOS sensor for DSLR-class imaging » See more details …

The calculation is not the most simple: in the end, an electronic viewfinder makes the camera much more, but does not significantly better, and demanding photographers still more suited classic SLR cameras.

But if the functional is the determining factor for you and you are determined to save on most dimensions, nothing cooler NEX- 7 on the market at the moment to be found.

The most notable moments is easy to identify immediately. The case in the style of NEX- 5 and NEX-5N (3-inch display also flips up for shooting from the waist) was higher and more massive than – the additional volume occupied built-in flash, a “hot shoe ” for external blitz and electronic viewfinder.

At that sight , usually not the most important element of a compact camera, in this case unique: half-inch OLED- matrix (the first in the world) has a resolution of 2.4 million pixels.

Developers have taken care of the management. In the key of “a lot – not enough” NEX- 7 is equipped with the system name Tri-Navi, ie by three control wheels: navipada ring around the left of the junior series cameras, and two – disk columns are located on the back and upper sides.

With their help it is easy to control by three exposure parameters, such as shutter speed, exposure compensation and sensitivity in shutter priority.

Other stunning features are hidden in the electronics inside the camera. First of all, it is a powerful Exmor CMOS- matrix with a resolution of 24.7 million pixels, the biggest in the class (and by the standards of any digital camera is not small).

The sensitivity of the sensor is slightly lower than the 16 – megapixel matrix NEX-5N, – « total » 16 000 ISO ( the same technology for the same area does not enable a good control of the same noise). But it is at least two and a half steps odds against competitors like the Nikon One – at a much more high resolution!

 Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens

Even more interesting look indicators rate of fire. Up to 10 frames per second in burst mode and 60 fps video recording at 1920 × 1080 pixels with a “full” progressive scan.

Focusing on advanced amateurs, by the way, extends to video mode: NEX- 7 offers the user full control over exposure when recording videos, even with the priorities, even with manual aperture and shutter speed . For a quick fix stills creators have managed to reduce shutter lag of 0.02 seconds ( and this is also a world record ).

Operation and functionality in shooting NEX- 7 about the respective abilities of other NEX. Beginners will meet an intelligent auto mode, creative people like digital effects and special modes such as wide dynamic range, auto- panorama creation or generation of highly detailed night shots by combining six frames into a single image.

The only thing that may not appeal to those who are already dreaming about the super- compact , – the cost of the camera. The first time after the start of sales , it is unlikely to fall below 45-50 thousand rubles, which is already available NEX-5N is compatible with a full range of optics. But such is the price of exclusive opportunities and “professional” interface.

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