Remington Products EP7010 Smooth and Silky Essential Epilator reviews

+ A large number of micropincers, fast hair removal, easy maintenance, 2 speed.
– No lighting and shaving heads.

 Remington Products EP7010 Smooth and Silky Essential Epilator

Remington Products EP7010 Smooth


Hair Removal System : 40 micropincers technology «Non-Slop Tweezer».
The system of anesthesia and skin care : no .
Equipment: cleaning brush .
Modes: 2 speeds .
Power supply: mains .
Backlight : no .
Color: purple.
Weight : 393 g
Warranty : 2 years.
Country of origin: Made in USA.

  • Essential epilator for precise and easy epilation for up to 6 weeks of smooth skin
  • Perfe count angle cap to ensure optimal tweezing angle
  • 2 speed settings for ultimate control
  • 40 tweezers removes hair from the root
  • Sleek compa count shapely; Removable head for easy cleaning » See more details …


The model is a completely new line of devices for body care Smooth & Silki, which the U.S. company Remington is in the spring and summer season of 2013. In the line there is a wireless model for wet and dry hair removal and bikini trimmer. Updated colors , packaging pleasing to the eye, and, of course, technology has become more sophisticated. It is felt that the task of the manufacturer had to provide shoppers the most modern technical ability to remove unwanted hair at affordable prices.

Thus, the technology «Non-Slop Tweezer», used in this epilator is designed for quick and efficient removal of hair from the root. The optimum angle of the nozzle – cap epilator provides the most effective position micropincers , allowing the device removes even the shortest hairs 0.5 mm in length. Tweezers themselves became more: 40 ! This ensures that during one pass and removes more hairs procedure itself becomes shorter. Removable washable epilator head and the included brush provides easy maintenance of cleanliness and care of the appliance. Epilator works only on the network, but it never would suddenly unloaded . The model is designed for dry hair removal. Two speed will help you choose the optimal mode of epilation sometimes thicker and stubborn hairs requires just a low speed .

Achieve long-lasting hair removal with the Remington smooth and silky essential epilator. The total coverage tweezer system removes more hair in one pass, making epilation faster than ever. The prefer count angle cap ensures optimal tweezing to catch even the shortest hairs leaving you smooth and silky for up to 6 weeks.

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