Acoustic System JBL Cinema 300/500 5.1 Speaker System

A memorable “braided” design (Weave Design) speakers born the unusual combination of cloth grills with curly profile faceplates, JBL was first introduced last year in the line of Studio One. Those who have noticed and appreciated the exterior of Studio One, but could not for some reason afford full-sized speakers, for example, due to the fact that for large speakers in the house just is not enough space, will be pleased to learn that the U.S. company has prepared for exit just two sets – Cinema 300 and Cinema 500.

JBL Cinema 500 5.1 Speaker System (Black)

JBL Cinema 500 5.1 Speaker System (Black)

Both sets consist of a compact speaker system for home theater 5.1 and satellites made ​​in the original style Weave. Kits are similar in composition, using the same active subwoofer and center speaker, but different satellites surround sound. In the ” older ” Cinema 500 system includes satellites , equipped with two midrange / woofer diameter of 75 mm with a proprietary membrane PolyPlas, are manufactured by depositing a polymer layer on a paper substrate. ” Junior” Cinema 300 system costs more compact speakers manned by a mid / bass driver PolyPlas diameter of 75 mm . Other details of the construction of satellites are identical. The upper frequency range is announced 25mm tweeter dome equipped with a titanium lamination. Crossover point is at a frequency of 3.7 kHz. To eliminate the influence of the speakers to a nearby electronics, magnetic shielding is made of all emitters. Closed- type body and slim design makes it easy to hang the satellites them on the wall , use a set of mounting brackets . Otherwise, the column can be placed on the shelves, the necessary supports are also included. To connect the satellite to the receiver are traditional for this class acoustics spring clips of plastic.

Center speakers use the same set of emitters as Cinema 500 satellites, so the last set of the most winning, since all sources of ambient sound have the same sensitivity and have a perfect tonal matching .

The position of the woofers in sets Cinema 300/500 is a subwoofer Sub 140P. The housing is made ​​in the shape of a truncated four-sided pyramid, a rounded top of the cabinet imagination of designers has given a kind of rugged terrain. Amplifiers built into the unit capacity of 150 watts, and the caliber of 200 mm woofer and bass reflex port is withdrawn down . The control panel of the subwoofer pleases worthy assortment of settings : adjust the volume , cut-off frequency (50-200 Hz), phase and polarity switch mode power (On / Auto). Sub 140P is equipped with a stereo line input and the input of LFE, a leading signal from the receiver to bypass the built-in crossover.

In conclusion, complete with columns Cinema 300/500 are not only supports, but also all the required connection cables with plenty of length and easy color-coded.

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